Thursday, December 3, 2015

Science-fiction in one word is "fiction", and not "science"!

By vectorbelly (heh?!) via this post. in the Science channel of G+

I do love science-fiction. But science-fiction in one word is "fiction", not "science".

 Mass media tend to forget this as soon as a "new" science-fiction movie goes out.   Nowadays, "science" seems to be quite fashionable... E.g. Luc Besson's last movie is just yet another re-use of the tiring "meme": 90% of our brains are unused, hence we would be hidden geniuses (or super heroes with the help of some substance) when we use it all. Whatever the time he spent on this idea was wasted and is certainly no justification of the reality (the premise itself is just not true, even before drawing abusive conclusions). As a side note, Luc Besson is not known as a scientist, less sometimes as a screenwriter (do movie contracts carry a humiliation bonus clause these days? ref).

Better be cautious. 99% of info web-sites that relay the pseudo-science are even less scientific.

Actually, since P.K. Dick and many other authors, I wish abused S.F. ideas like this no more make headlines and trigger all kind of mass-wonder and over-reaching pseudo "scientific"  articles/justifications...

Hey I don't even want to argue or try to "educate" people about it as it is becoming overwhelming. Trying to be scientific is nice in the first place. But general media are generally full of, well, uneducated propaganda. They must be read with a very own load of proper criticism.

I shake my head in despair when adults try to convince people about absurd theories that they just read on any social network (better be the first to forward so you are an interesting person? and in case it proves to be false, you do not need to care much as you can hide in the thousands that cooperated/propagated the same hoax after all...).

I "want to believe" is faith, not science. The very first scientific act would be to double check and question the gratuitous "idea" in the first place, before making it a "general obvious theory" because everybody tells so. It is more difficult though and the social media are not known for slow motion...

So in short, again: science-fiction in one word is "fiction", not "science".

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