Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: tiny Arduino Nano-based CNC shield

"Keyes_CNC" Arduino Nano shield for 4 axes CNC machines

The Keyes_CNC controller embarks an Arduino Nano
This little board is an "inverse" shield, on which an Arduino Nano must be plugged to provide functionality. It offers the same functionality as a regular Arduino Uno or Duemilanove CNC shield, with the same power.

But the result is both extremely compact and cheap: less than 7€ for the naked shield (or here), and about 22€/$25 for a complete setup: the shield plus an Arduino Nano and basic Pololu stepper drivers (here or there if you want ebay -- but the latter seems to be a reseller). And for once, it seems to come from a Chinese seller who designs and makes its own boards, which I tend to like.

Add a few Dupont wires (well, Jump wire is the generic name) and you are ready to go!
Fifteen years ago it would have cost thousands of euros!