Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Warning/issue with micro-USB ZNTER 1250mAh AA rechargeable batteries


These rechargeable AA batteries sold under the ZNTER brand are cool... until they are damn too hot.

Actually, one of mine started to smoke heavily. Too bad, I like the idea for technophilic trekkers like me, as they require no bulky AA charger. I did not use them a lot though, and I bought 4 more lately so one was perhaps only defective on arrival (DOA).

Anyhow, the charging circuit is probably wrong if it can get to this point without shutting down. It even killed the plug from the 4-way micro USB cable.

In the end: do not buy, or at least do not charge without an eye on them!

ZNTER 1250mAh "AA" rechargeable batteries, which have an embedded circuitry powered by a micro-usb plug!