Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Funny Chinese counterfeit?

It makes sense... :D
Item: "3m Strong Permanent Double Sided Super Sticky Tape Roll"
Comment: "Counterfeit tape Not the real 3M tape by Scotch Knock off"
Banggood Reply: "Hello customer, this is not a 3M brand product, the 3m means 3 meters."

Review: arduino mega pro mini (aka Meduino)

This is a smaller variant of the Arduino Mega, and it is like what the Pro is to the Uno. It is even smaller than regular Arduino Uno boards, and costs about the same (less connectors, eh). And yes, it has all of what the Mega provides: extra memory & extra pins. And extra stuff to have in stock :)

Ref: check for "meduino" on ebay, or "mega2560 pro mini". There is also the "Mega2560-CORE mini" which needs and FTDI cable (no USB), and which is slightly cheaper. I bought the one below for $16 S&H included, and it took only 9 days from china to FR with tracking, impressive.

The Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Mini (aka Meduino) is a small factor regular Arduino Mega.