Monday, March 6, 2017

Cheap plastic boxes and enclosures that are just plain good

Below is is a collection of many of the sizes I found on Banggood, mostly to give me a real life feel of the stuff and to have them ready for future projects. I never have the proper box and I often revert to 3D-printing. But they do not look always as neat or they are not as weatherproof as a regular box for some outdoor projects... and it takes a long time to print in any case.

Probably not comprehensive, but a first-hand evaluation of many of the boxes found on Bangood.

Actually I am pretty happy with all of them, and the biggest box is even less than $10... All have metallic inserts for the screws but for the black, little (quite) cheap ones which cover only is clipped and maintained only when the box is attached to a surface.Local sourcing gave me only much more expensive stuff, I do not understand sometimes.

All have a seal except the latter, and the metallic boxes (too bad!). They are called "Hammond boxes" and often used by musicians. Not sure they are good for shortcuts, but they must behave nicely to fight electromagnetic noise.

For once, it really took ages to come (>1 month!), but the parcel was big.

Refs: metallic boxes here and plastic boxes there.

As someone said: 3D printing takes a long time to print... so let's order from China :D
Sure, they lack any specific, home-made opening of course where 3D printing shines.
Reciprocally, I always wanted to try & mill the sides of such molded boxes, but it can be a tricky/messy job with PVC.

Note: this post almost looks like advertising, but I got no deal on them, just wanted to let know the gray boxes are doing their job reliably.

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