Monday, March 6, 2017

Universal mini micro crimping tool

"Serious" crimping tools cost a lot, and are often outrageously expensive.

I still ended up buying one at "only" ~$50, and it improve both my productivity and the reliability of my connections a lot. Specifically, and foremost if you just want to buy only one like I did initially, I highly recommend the PA-09 (the one below), which is suited for all Molex & JST crimps that I use as a DIY/semi pro guy.

I liked this Japanese "Engineer" brand so much that I then happily bought the larger PA-20 (I do not use them often), in addition to a neat wire stripping tool for small diameters (which I use all the time, even though I have to admit that cheap ones probably do the job as well).

You may want to check the many educated comments people left on my G+ post regarding these. You can check also Andreas Spiess review and comparison with a no name Chinese crimping plier, which I found out later, but which is awesome as always.

Not cheap but worth it as soon as you have more than one crimp job to do!

A very short (<1min) promotional video,
which highlight clearly how it works.

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