Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: the useful Andonstar USB microscope

The Andonstar USB microscope is definitely a great tool to double check surface mount components among other uses. I bought it from them on Amazon for about $70 (yep, it is not a low cost low quality USB endoscope).

Below I had to replace an AMS1117 regulator from a RAMPS that I blew (I plugged a 2-wire endstop to the wrong pair of 3-pin, which mean I grounded the power supply and got magic smoke...). I could then check how ugly I did ;)

The zoom range of an Andonstar USB microscope! And excellent tool for its price.
My main opinion is:
  • great wide zooming range (see the pic below)
  • integrated leds that are very close to the camera sensor (no external device would give enough light in the shot on the right given how close the lens is from the board)
  • the light intensity can be tuned down to zero. Sometimes the object is too reflective and it "flattens" the image. Then, an external lateral light beam is better.
  • a stable support with fast height adjustment (the stick can be raised/lowered quickly from the "main" tower) PLUS a fine thumbwheel on top of the camera barrel.

  • none really for the price
  • still the main pole has a bit of free play left, which can be felt when tuning with the thumb wheel at high zoom ratios (the small wheel is very firm). And there is no easy way to hack this.

Update: this slightly more expensive $85 version (A1-200W-B) addresses this with a definitive improvement. It uses the same microscope, but the already good stands looks way better. I would buy this one if I had to buy again.
The same USB microscope/endoscope but with an improved stand ($80 here)

Anyhow it is a must have in my opinion. I use it very often to inspect PCBs, to read SMT component values, or whenever my eyes are tired...

Final note: this microscope is featured in a video by Dave on EEVblog (a nice source of information by the way).